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Circle Swarm Breakout

Aug. 24, 2020 at 11:36 a.m. MDT

"Circle Swarm BreakOut" is an important drill in the "Swarm Series". The first player identified as (P1), begins without a puck and accelerates up to the blue line and returns around the circle building speed. (P1) skates underneath a waiting player identified as (P2) who is positioned just inside the circle and holds a puck. (P2) drops the puck for (P1) who picks it up at full speed. (P1) and (P2) accelerate up ice. (P1) passes to (P2) who one touches it back to (P1) who attacks the opposite end. (P2) now becomes (P1) and skates up to the blue line and turns which signals the repeating of the drill.

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  • Circle Swarm Breakout