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Cross the Nile

Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:31 p.m. MDT

"Cross the Nile", forces players into challenging skating and puck handling positions in a small area environment. Two sticks provide the backbone for skills, skating lanes and creative puck handling. Coaches can run numerous progressions and skill sets based upon this set-up. Consider tight turn and open pivot sequences, and creative and deceptive move options. Sets should be approximately 10 seconds and players are to quickly switch on the whistle.

Teaching Points

Puck Handling: Attempt to look up and down as players navigate the Nile. Keep the puck in front of the body and utilize toe drags and puck bumps to maintain control.

Skating: Quick feet, acceleration and change of direction. Stay in Zones #2-3 on skates.

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  • Cross The Nile