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Double Recovery

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:54 p.m. MDT

"Double Recovery", has the goalie starting in the ready position at the top of the crease on an angle. Simulating a point shot the goalie drops down in the butterfly then pushes to the center of the crease, transitions quickly and recovers back to the side they began the drill, finishing at the post. Once the goalie has started moving from the middle of the crease to the post, the coach who as pucks at the bottom of the circle then takes a shot on net. The shot must be timed so it is not to early, but also so that that goalie is not waiting for the shot. Once the save is made the goalie begins the sequence again.

Teaching Points

-Keep the ball held against the chest for the whole drill to use only the core and lower body when moving.

-Keep the knees close together to maximize power in the pushes across the crease.

-Keep compact to have as much coverage as possible making the save.

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  • Double Recovery