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Five Stride Explosion

Aug. 19, 2020 at 9:57 a.m. MDT

"5 Stride Explosion", develops explosive starts with and without the puck. Players are partnered and spread out around the ice. On the whistle, the first partner explodes five strides in any direction. After five strides the player stops, and performs high knee agility back to their starting point. Partner two then begins while partner one rests. Perform several sets and add pucks as a progression. It is important that players go a different direction each time and for some of the sets skate backwards. This drill is exhausting!!

Teaching Points

Starts: Legs shoulder width, knees bent. Push to the side and go!! On stride only recover half way to the mid-line and keep skate blades close to the ice. Arms cradle side to side to counter the legs in the opposite direction. High Knees: Drive the knees up as high as possible, land soft and attempt not to pound the ice.

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  • Five Stride Explosion