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Flow With Adventure

Aug. 26, 2020 at 9:32 a.m. MDT

"Flow with Adventure" is a high tempo passing and transition drill. Players are split into four groups. On the whistle, the first player from each line skates towards the neutral zone. Lines #1 and #3 carry a puck and make a direct pass to the players from Lines #2 and #4 coming from the opposite direction. Players re-group at blue line with cross and drop pass. Players then attack 2vs0. On the whistle, the next four players begin.

Teaching Points

Passing and Regroups: Accelerate on the re-group. Set the puck early in the cross and drop so the receiver can adjust to the puck position. Communicate via voice and eyes to avoid collisions on the regroup and timing as it relates to the passing.

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  • Flow with Adventure