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Four Lane Indy 2

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:10 a.m. MDT

"Four Lane Indy 2" is one of the "Indy Series Drills". Four skating lanes are created for the players. Coaches should demo the drill by skating the lanes and demonstrating the skills. The next player begins once the first player reaches the top of the circle. This will provide players with lots of repetitions and proper work to rest ratios. Consider the following progressions and skill sets as players work through the skating lanes:

1. Backwards with No Puck

2. Heal to Heal Pivots

3. Jump Claps

4. Cat and Mouse Chase

5. Bobsled Push

6. Cross Over-Cross Under

7. Forward Speedy Knees.

8. Backwards Speedy Knees.

Teaching Points

Skating: Racing and going full speed is not always the best thing. Work on technique first and then increase speed. Review your "Technical Skating Module" for specific keys and strategies to teach skating. Remember that every player has different genetics (including muscle twitch). Work within their inefficiencies and be patient.

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