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Goalie Gods

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:09 p.m. MDT

"Goalie Gods", creates a ton of enthusiasm and competitive battle environment for all players. On the whistle, three players of each color attack the opposite color's defensive player 3vs1. All attacks must be on-side. The first team to score wins the point. If the defensive player steals the puck they are not allowed to dump it and must play keep away. If the battle goes over 30 seconds the coach blows the whistle and and both teams back check to the middle circle or the team's lose a point. Each round a new set of forwards attack and the defensemen is replaced. The goal line coaches at both ends are the goal judges and blow the whistle immediately when a goal is scored. Many battles are very close.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Attack triangles on the rush with wide drive, net drive, and eye up. Relentless puck pursuit and aggressive sticks and body on loose puck opportunities. Net front traffic, one time shooting, and collapse on the net in the scoring zone.

Defensive: Gap quickly on the rush, control the mid-ice corridor and don't over commit to the puck carrier. Eliminate the cross-ice pass withan effective defensive stick. Goaltending: Battle and second and third shot positioning. Work in conjunction with the defensive player with communication and reads. On all smothered pucks, play to the corner so drill continues.

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