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Goaltender One Touch Puck Handling

Aug. 25, 2020 at 5:11 p.m. MDT

"Goaltender One Touch Puck Handling", starts with the coach setting up pucks just inside the face off circle to either side of the goaltender and the goaltender who is not in the net in line with the coach below the goal line. The coach passes the puck to the goalie below the goal line who handles the puck then makes a direct pass to the coach for a quick shot on the goaltender in net. The goaltender behind the net is key to drill success by making a crisp accurate pass each rep. The progression to the drill is to have the coach receive the pass then skate to the middle forcing the goalie to track the puck with the shot going to the side the goalie moved from. The coach

must keep the shots low as the goalie does not have their goalie gloves on.

Teaching Points

-Crisp, accurate passes with the goalie behind the net not just slapping at the puck but handling it once or twice before passing.

-Goalie in the net works on maintaining the ball against the chest throughout the whole drill to keep the upper body quiet.

-Focus on slamming the knees down quickly to make the pad saves.

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  • Goaltender One Touch Puck Handling