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Great Gap

Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:15 a.m. MDT

"Great Gap" creates 1vs1 on the rush attacks. On the whistle, an offensive player accelerates with a puck to the center line, transitions and attacks the defensive player. The defensive player on the same whistle skates backwards the opposite direction and pivots on the dot before closing the gap and playing the 1vs1. Battles should be played out for 10 seconds after the rush. If the defensive player steals the puck they play keep away in the zone. On the whistle to end the battle the next group begins. Players not in the drill should be positioned tightly on the boards.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Create gap and time and space on the rush. Read the defensive player and their position. Be creative in attacks (change of speeds, stick fakes, head fakes, body fakes).

Defensive: Pivot with th butt to the middle of the ice, close the gap with stick in front of the body in the puck handling lane, adjust speed to that of the forward.

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  • Great Gap