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Hair Pin Turn

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:37 a.m. MDT

"Hair Pin Turn", provides another dimension to the tight turn. Players explode from the top of the circle and go left or right through the cones. They must then quickly adjust and step over either one or two sticks that are placed just off of the cones. This challenges players' spatial awareness, skill and anticipation. Ensure players work on both sides. The next player begins once the previous player has stepped over the sticks.

Teaching Points

Tight Turn: Both feet down, lead with inside foot, maintain weight in Zone 2 of the "Maloney Skate Index". Shoulders are level. After the tight turn players must react quickly to the sticks and attempt to accelerate by having their feet down as quickly as possible. Drive to the finish line which is marked by cones on the blue line.

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  • Hair Pin Turn