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Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:44 a.m. MDT

"Hurricane" will work your players on all aspects of skating and conditioning. The first player begins and skates to the first cone, tight turns and returns to the home cone, then to the second cone and back to the home cone, then to the third cone and so forth. The next player begins once the first player skates by the home cone on their way to the second cone. The "Hurricane" can accomodate several players going at once. As a progression add pivots and have players carry a puck. Also, ensure playes do sets going both directions.

Teaching Points

Skating: Level shoulders (avoid tiltiing on the turn), lead with inside foot and keep weight centered on feet versus shifting weight to the heals. Players chase their stick around the cone. Knees are bent and posture is maintained during the turn. Puck Control: Puck is carried in front of the body, hands are close together. Encourage players not to over stick handle and instead push and pull the puck cushioning it when necessary using both the forehand and backhand side of the blade.

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  • Hurricane