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Las Vegas Showdown Deluxe

Aug. 26, 2020 at 9:17 a.m. MDT

"Las Vegas Showdown Deluxe", is a conditioning and goaltending drill. All players are split into three player teams. The first player on team one retrieves a puck and attacks the goaltender. If they score all of the other teams explode across the ice and back. If the player does not score the two teammates and the shooter go to the other side and back. The goaltender if scored on has 10 up and downs. Once the skating is completed the first player on team number two begins and attacks the other goaltender. The drill is continuous.

Teaching Points

Attacks: Players are to attack on different angles forcing the goaltenders to adjust their angles. Challenge players by not allowing them to use the same move more than once. Ensure habits are instilled in the conditioning skate for each repetition (no short cuts).

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  • Las Vegas Showdown Deluxe