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Moving Day

Aug. 26, 2020 at 9:16 a.m. MDT

"Moving Day", is an exhausting skating and puck control drill. A unit of players (typically 3 or 4),must move all spotted pucks (approximately 30), from the blue line to the goal line, one puck at a time, and as quickly as possible. Players must keep their head up to avoid collisions as they move the pucks. Once all of the pucks are moved to the goal line, the players rest. Coaches can decide how many sets each group is to perform. If another set is required the players then move the pucks from the goal line and back to the blue line.

Teaching Points

Puck Control: Keep head up to avoid other skaters. Attempt to stop both directions when changing directions. Skating: This drill is tiring so encourage players to continue to drive and be determined to finish the drill with their feet moving.

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  • Moving Day