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Olympic Speed Skate Conditioner

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:56 a.m. MDT

"Olympic Speed Skating Conditioner" is a great bag skate!! But, it is disguised and the players will enjoy it immensely. No sticks are used. Four teams of two line up on the blue and start on the coaches whistle. The players complete a full lap around the course and then must tag their partner by pushing their butt (between the blue line--tag zone). Coaches can set the distance of the race ie. 4 laps per team. After the race, the active players rest and are replaced by the eight resting players who await the race results in the neutral zone. Have several races and watch your players reach the point of exhaustion!

Teaching Points

Skating: Will feel different without the stick!! Legs drive to the side and not back, arms swing side to side and not forward and back. Keep blades low and close to the ice when striding. Recover 1/2 way to the mid-line on the stride and push again. Neutral spine with calm front logo is very important. Skate with body control and level head. More body movement does not equate to more speed!!

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  • Olympic Speed Skating Conditioner