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Phone Both Keep Away

Aug. 24, 2020 at 10:44 a.m. MDT

"Phone Booth KeepAway", challenges even the best puckhandlers. Each circle is called a "Phone Booth". A 2vs1 begins in each phone booth on the whistle. The defender has no stick and must try to attack the opponent and knock the puck out of the circle. As soon as this happens the coach feeds a new puck into the drill. NOTE: The Coach is feeding and watching both circles at the same time. After 20 seconds, rest is provided and the players switch roles. The winner in this game is the player who can knock the most pucks out of the circle. Every player keeps track of their number of knock outs.

Teaching Points

Puck handlers: Stick fakes, head fakes, recognize open versus closed passing lanes. Protect the puck if pass options are eliminated. Quick feet to escape and find open ice inside the phone booth.

Checker: Attempt to close passing lanes and eliminate time and space via angling. Anticipate the puck handler and change speeds to affect the timing of the passers.

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  • Phone Booth KeepAway