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Sidewinder Attack

Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:58 p.m. MDT

"Side Winder Attack", creates decision making for forwards and defensemen. The drill begins with forwards in opposite corners and the defender in the slot between the hash-marks. The coach passes to either corner to begin. Upon receiving the puck the forward attacks the net and the forward from the other side attacks as well. The attack can be initiated from behind or in front of the net. The forwards have only fifteen seconds to score and are not permitted to sit on the perimeter and wait. If the defenseman steals the puck they play keep-away. After fifteen seconds, the whistle blows and all players hustle to the back of the lines and the next players prepare.

Teaching Points

Attackers: Focus on attacks from the side, from behind and in front of the net. Quick decisions under pressure as the clock is on.

Defenders: Play the middle and eliminate the pass option. Communicate with the goaltender, strong defensive stick in front of the body.

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  • Side Winder Attack