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Superman Tag

Aug. 19, 2020 at 11:07 a.m. MDT

"Superman Tag", enables players to work on forwards and backwards skating in a very fun small area game. This drill can be executed with as few as three players and as many eight. Cones and/or lines outline the area of this game. On "Go", Superman who skates forwards chases all of the "Villains" who must skate backwards only. Once a "Villain" is tagged they become "Superman" and the "Superman" conversely becomes the "Villain". Feel free to have more than one "Superman" at a time and have the Coach become "Superman" to force players to skate in all different directions. Stop the drill frequently to allow for short rests.

Teaching Points

Backwards Skating:

- Bend from the knees and not the waist.

- This drill can be executed with or without sticks.

- Encourage players to stay in Zone #3 in the "Maloney Skate Index". See "Teaching Technical Skating Module in the Hockey Blue Print".

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  • Superman Tag