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Sweet 15 Shot

Aug. 24, 2020 at 1:43 p.m. MDT

"Sweet 15 Shot", maximizes repetition opportunity for players. Players are partnered and the shooter can position themselves anywhere in the zone. The first five pass and releases are forehand to forehand. The second five passes are made forehand to backhand. The shooter must then move the puck to the forehand to release the shot. The third five passes are made to a spinning player prior to release. The player should spin opposite directions on each rep. After the "Sweet 15", the players switch roles.

Teaching Points

Pass: Communicate with voice and eyes, attempt to pass the puck hard and accurate.

Shooting: Release points should be from in front of the body. To achieve this press the top hand away from the body. Trap the pass first with soft but firm hands prior to the release. Control the stick on spins and attempt to keep it on the ice as much as possible.

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  • Sweet 15 Shot