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Sweet 7's

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:11 p.m. MDT

"Sweet Sevens" is a showdown competition. Teams are divided evenly and seven pucks are lined up on each blue line. Players begin on the bench and on the coaches whistle attack 2vs0. Players go until they score and when they do they backcheck as hard as possible to the blue line. Once the 2nd player reaches the blue the next two players leave the bench and go to puck number 6. The first team to score "Sweet Seven" is the winner!! If the goalltender covers the puck, players back off and the puck is played to the corner. Don't hesitate to play several sets.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Ensure it is a two player attack versus a 1vs0 breakaway. Stick and head fakes can assist in freezing the goaltender. Attempt to attack on forehand side versus the backhand. After goal explode off of the ice to work on quickness and speed.

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