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Tazmanian Devil Shooting

Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:43 p.m. MDT

"Tazmanian Devil Shooting", addresses both the release and the shot preparation aspects of shooting. One player lines up ten pucks in a 1/2 moon around the net. After each shot the player must spin 360 degrees, stickhandle for 3 seconds and then shoot again. For the older players, spin a different direction each time. The player repeats this sequence for all ten pucks. Players can use any type of shot they prefer. Quickly re-set the pucks and continue with the next player.

Teaching Points

Shooting: Eyes up and on the target as quickly as possible versus staring at the puck. Transfer the weight to the lead foot on the release. Top players shoot off of both feet or either lead foot depending on the situation. Change the direction of the 360 spin. Be purposeful with every shot. Pick your spot and attempt to hit it. Older players can shoot off of the puch or the pull to force the goaltender to re-center.

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  • Tazmanian Devil Shooting