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The Black Hole

Aug. 17, 2020 at 1:46 p.m. MDT

"The Black Hole" is appropriate for all age levels. This demanding game of attack and defend requires thinking, skill and competitive spirit. Feel free to execute the drill as a 1vs1, 2vs1 or multiplayer game depending on your ice set up and number of players. In this game, the coach spots pucks into the "Black Hole" for the competing players. Both colours attempt to gain possession and score. Players compete for about 20 second shifts and on the whistle hustle back to the boards. The coach then spots a new puck into play for the next group of waiting players.

Teaching Points

Puck Protection: Utilize the net as a shield and as a way to create time and space. Players will be required to compete in all areas of the zone which will assist in developing confidence. Focus on deceptive and creative puck control with a change of speed and direction.

Defenders will be challenged on angles, gap control and effective stick position.

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  • The Black Hole