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Tidal Wave

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:40 p.m. MDT

"Tidal Wave" works on both breakout and forecheck tactics. On the whistle, the coach simultaneously dumps a puck in. A player or multiple players (depending on coach preference), attempt to retrieve the puck as quickly as possible and breakout across the blue line. Players are not allowed to dump the puck and must skate it or pass it out of the zone. On the same whistle, a player or multiple players skate the opposite direction and transition at the red line and then forecheck with the intention of creating a turnover. If a turnover occurs, the forechecker then attempts to attack the net and score. Coaches allow the players to battle it out for 20 seconds.

This drill works very well as a 3vs1 or 3vs2 and can progress to a 3vs3. Keep score if you want to increase the intensity.

Teaching Points

Forecheck: Stride vs glide to create pressure and eliminate time and space. Communicate who is F1,F2,F3. F1= Hunter, F2=Reader, F3= High Support. Sticks on the ice closing lanes and width and depth in forecheck is critical. Attempt to angle the breakout up the boards and cut the ice in 1/2. Breakout: Retriever dump quickly with head on a swivel and support D with their skates up ice reading the pressure. Use the net as protection to deflect the forecheck and create time and

space. D2 must always support and provide D1 with an outlet option.

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