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Traffic Control

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:39 p.m. MDT

"Traffic Control", is an attack and defend drill which teaches lane control and open and closed passing lanes under game like conditions. On the whistle, an offensive player and defensive player skate up and around their designated cone. A player on the opposite side of the ice, with a puck, attempts to pass the puck to their offensive teammate while the defensive player attempts to close the lane, maintain defensive side body position and eliminate the scoring chance. The pass can be made at any time, but must occur with 10 seconds of rounding the cones. After the pass is made, players compete 1vs1 for 15 seconds. If the defensive player achieves puck possession they pass the puck to either coach to end the set.

Teaching Points

Offensive Player: Change speeds and be deceptive in an attempt to open passing lanes. Push off of the defender to create separation and anticipate the pass from the giver.

Defensive Player: Close the lane to the receiver, head on a swivel awareness of both the giver and receiver. Effective stick to control both skating and passing lanes.

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  • Traffic Control