Two Timer 1

Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. MDT

"Two Timer 1" is a fun and competitive scoring drill. Teams are divided and line up behind their respective neutral zone dots. On the whistle two players (one puck per team), attack 2vs0 against the opposition goal positioned on the other side of the ice. Players are not permitted to check the other team or attack their puck until they first score their goal. Once this happens they quickly pursue the other team, attempt to steal the puck and score a second goal on the net they scored the first goal on. Shifts should last about 20 seconds or until both goals are scored. When this occurs all players hustle out of the zone quickly.On the whistle,the score is updated and the next

group prepares to begin.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Attack with speed and ensure players are using the lateral pass over to open the goaltenders up and make them move. Deceptive fakes and moves to challenge the goaltenders. Stop net front on misses versus skating to the corner.

Defensive: Hurry to lose pucks quickly, communicate who has who so both players don't attempt to check the same player, prepare for quick transition once possession is achieved.

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