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Wide Drive Challenge Cup

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:43 p.m. MDT

"Wide Drive Challenge Cup", teaches the wide drive and attack triangulation on zone entries. On the whistle, one team begins with a puck and three attackers skate around the back of their net and attack 3vs2 against two defenders who skate around the opposite net. The puck carrier (F1) must skate outside of the blue goal crease and isn't allowed to cut back to mid-ice on the drive. The second player (F2) net drives, and the third player (F3) supports high. F1 must hit one of the two pass options or drive the net. Players then play 3on2 for thirty seconds. If the shorthanded team scores it is worth three points and if the power play team scores it is worth one point. For

the next shift, the other color begins with the puck and as a result has the numerical advantage.

Teaching Points

Attackers: Attack triangle with width and depth. F1=Wide Drive F2= Net Drive F3= High Support. Open bellies to support the puck with head on a swivel. Read the defensive players on the rush.

Defenders: Close the gap quickly and pivot tightly while controlling the middle. Identify which player you are covering. Pivot with stick on the ice and in the puckhandling lane.

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  • Wide Drive Challenge Cup