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Wind Walker

Aug. 24, 2020 at 1:52 p.m. MDT

"Wind Walker", works on a players' ability to release the puck quickly from a variety of distances within the offensive zone. The player shooting sets up at the bottom of the circle in line with the face off dot and facing the player making the passes. The shooter calls for the puck and takes a quick release shot on net while "drifting" backwards in a straight line. As soon as the first puck has been released the passer then sends a second pass to the shooter who again quick releases. This repeats until the shooter reaches the top of the zone. Once complete, players switch roles. An excellent progression is to have the player start high in the zone and work slowly towards the passer.

Teaching Points

- Shoot with the puck in front of the body and not laterally.

- Weight transfer is difficult and forces players to short with forearms and wrists.

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  • Wind Walker